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What is the Community?

The SSE community (SSEC) was set up by the guys in the IT and Networking Group as a tool to help users help themselves. The philosophy is twofold:

  1. Those holding the technology, (i.e. ITNG) do not have enough time to disseminate it.
  2. Students probably feel more comfortable asking questions amongst themselves or at least as part of a community of practice.

Why is it here?

As an educational institution, the School of Systems Engineering has a lot of access to resources which can be used to help people study and explore computing. For example, the Microsoft Academic Alliance provides most of the Microsoft Server, Development and Operating System software free of charge to students registered in the School. There is a similar schemes from IBM and Oracle. There are also a range of hardware deals from the likes of Dell and Toshiba.

In ITNG, we are always very busy just keeping things going. While we use the above resources extensivly in our offerings (e.g. labs) there is a wealth of resources which we simply do not have time to develop as they do not directly relate to a practical class or course. This is not to say that they are not very useful in helping to explore the subject areas of the School (Computer Science/Engineering, Computational Science, Electronic Engineering, Cybernetics, Information Technology, Control Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Systems Engineering).

The community is intended to bridge the gap between what ITNG can offer and the development time this requires. In the community, ITNG can concentrate on giving access to these resources and students themselves can develop them, and the support of them. This should maximise what is usefully on offer.

Are there any rules?

There are no formal rules of the community but this WIKI section is intended to document information relating to these offerings and to provide a forum for asking questions and seeking support. As it is a WIKI, all users are able to make a contribution to it but please follow rules for good practice and not post copyrighted material or material likely to cause offence - lets be nice to each other. We also have to understand that the general rules for University Computers apply to this domain.

Ian Michael Bland 17:25, 1 October 2007 (BST)