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Welcome to The ITNG Wiki. This is where we provide guides to help you use the systems and software available in the school.

Besides the wiki, ITNG offers a range of other resources which you will need during the course of your work, and beyond these there are various resources in the wider University. This page provides an easy way to find them. Look below to see some of what is offered, or use the box on the right to access some of the more common ones.


Did you know that if you are logged in you can create your own pages? You can create your own user page eg if your username is ad123456 User:Ab123456 or just create a page such as Cool Wall by entering the page name in the search box and clicking on the "create this page" link. Also each page (even ones you can not edit) have a "discussion" page which you can use to add comments about the page or your own tips, etc. such as Talk:Tips_for_readingLive

New in the Labs for 2017/18

  • G45 has been reequipped with some high spec computers. These feature 16GB ram and SSD hard drives.
  • If any software is "missing" in the labs then it may be available to run from [1]


Hopefully you can find answers for most of your questions here in the Wiki. Take a look through the ITNG Index to see what services we offer, and to see whether there is already a solution for any problem you may encounter.

Printing is now run by an external company. Any issues please raise a help request.

To help you deal with any more complicated problems you can contact the Service Desk via Email, phone 6262, or go to the self Service page on

Please note that the Labs and Teaching support team previously located in G61 will now be available to help in G63(the glass walled room next to G56.)


Microsoft Imagine provides free Microsoft software for our students. It may take several weeks after enrollment before access to be granted. Access Micorsoft Imagine

VMware Store provides free VMware software for our students in a similar way to ELMS. Access VMWare store

Subversion is a version control tool, often used by programmers especially when they work in teams.

Plugin Network The Plugin network allows students to access the internet in the school on their own laptops via blue wires that you will see around or via wireless.

Student VPN allows remote access to the schools internal resources. Access the VPN

Terminal Server allows for the usage of many of the programs that are used in the labs and is accessed via Student VPN. Follow the link for a complete list.

Student Web Hosting provides a complete central environment for the development of web based applications, including database access and remote debugging.

ITNG The ITNG website is where we keep any additional information not found on the Wiki.

Mobile apps Suggestions for useful or entertaining apps for mobile phones

Open Learning Links to free learning content, many text books linked from on here can be downloaded all freely available.

External Resources

Blackboard gives you access to your course information.

Timetable gives you access to your timetable for lectures and practicals.


IT IT Services provide central computer resources for the whole university, including disk space and email.

Reading Students Union homepage. See what your Union is doing for you.

Reading University Library The Library homepage

Reading University Library E-resources